Tafeltennisvereniging de Volewijckers EN

The Volewijckers

The Volewijckers table tennis club has been an independent association since 2007. Young (16+) and old are welcome and we play both recreationally and competitively.

The accommodations are open and we are playing table tennis together again. The national government has issued the following advice to limit the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Follow the hygiene advice.
  • Give each other space. 1,5 meters away remains a safe distance.
  • Provide sufficient fresh air.
  • Get a vaccine or booster shot.
  • Complaints? Stay home and take a test.
  • Do you have a positive test result? Then you go into isolation.

During school holidays, the accommodations are closed and table tennis is not played. That also applies to week 18: Monday 2, Tuesday 2 and Thursday 5 May.

Come and play